we need a new way of thinking about our future, where waste does not exist, and the sun always shines :)

we are on a mission to turn plastic waste into awesome sunglasses. 3d printed; zero waste.




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  • "w.r.yuma aims to change the world through circular living"

    Huffington Post

  • "It’s a way for everyone to make a very small contribution to reducing the vast amounts of plastic that is filling the world’s oceans." 

    3D Print Pulse

  • "The idea that plastic is wreaking total havoc on our planet gives Belgian brand w.r.yuma a splitting headache."

    Close The Loop

  • "W.r.yuma is a pioneer in using recycled plastic in a zero waste process which combines high tech of 3-D printing with the high touch of polishing & hand assembly."


  • "Towards Circular Fashion: Plastic Waste Turned Into Sunglasses with w.r.yuma"

    Circular Economy Club

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