• future-proof sunglasses

    3D printed from plastic waste

  • take your sunglasses around the world

    We recycle them after use 

    how it works

the problem of plastic waste has never been more urgent than today. every minute there is a truckload of waste ending up in our oceans. by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. 

we need change. 

we truly believe that a future society without waste is possible. with our sunglasses we want to inspire people to take another look at waste.


join our mission to rethink waste and help us start the conversation about the future of waste.


about us
  • "w.r.yuma aims to change the world through circular living"

    Huffington Post

  • "It’s a way for everyone to make a very small contribution to reducing the vast amounts of plastic that is filling the world’s oceans." 

    3D Print Pulse

  • "The idea that plastic is wreaking total havoc on our planet gives Belgian brand w.r.yuma a splitting headache."

    Close The Loop

  • "W.r.yuma is a pioneer in using recycled plastic in a zero waste process which combines high tech of 3-D printing with the high touch of polishing & hand assembly."


  • "Towards Circular Fashion: Plastic Waste Turned Into Sunglasses with w.r.yuma"

    Circular Economy Club

  • "Antwerp start-up w.r.yuma is contributing to a zero-waste economy with its line of 3D-printed sunglasses made from dashboards and old fridges"

    Flanders Today

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