river plastic sunglasses

When we 3D printed sunglasses

from river plastic



Another look at waste

This spring we teamed up with the most enthusiastic kids to co-create world's first sunglasses from river plastic, 3D printed on the spot. Read and see how we did it.


New Adventurers


Stormkop is an experimental playground for adventurers of all ages, situated in an old shipyard near the city of Antwerp. A few times per week the kids go out and collect the waste on the river banks nearby. There is a huge amount of plastic waste in the river so it's an ongoing to challenge to find creative ways to do something useful with it.

With the river plastic that the kids collected we started experimenting to see if we could turn it into new 3D printing ink. The plastic was cleaned, shredded in small pieces and melted into 3D printing filament (ink). With this filament we 3D printed a limited collection of kids sunglasses with 50% river plastic that they could assemble themselves and take home with them.

We want to engage kids with creative and hands-on solutions for our common waste problem.

— Lot Saldien, Stormkop —

Not for sale, at least not yet ...

This collection of kids sunglasses from river plastic was a one-off experiment to see if we could pull it off.
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