Sunglasses at night

What we learned from the Inuit



See the world through new eyes.

Together with graphic designers we co-created a new contemporary collection of a 2.000 year old sunglasses design.


Us By Night


In September we took the opportunity to be present at the international design and creativity event US BY NIGHT, held in Antwerp, Belgium. During three nights, three different stages provided a platform for keynotes and talks by an impressive line-up of national and international guest speakers.

We joined the creatives at the mini-market by running one of our 3D-printers to make a sunglass frame, and demonstrating our possibilities and sustainable objectives to passers-by.




To showcase our flexibility and design-freedom, we also issued a custom UBN-series based on a pretty radical style and finished them off with 4 different decorative designs. We collaborated with Shawna X (@shawnax), Toykyo (@esthertoykyo) and Mellon (@mellongwen) to create bespoke graphic layouts that would match our “inuit-based” sunglasses.

The specially designed sunglass frames did not make use of lenses but use simple slitted gaps instead, which provides the frame with a large surface to display custom graphics.

The original sunglasses


The Inuit made sunglasses out of walrus bone to protect their eyes against snow blindness. 2.000 years later we 3D printed our 21st century interpretation of this traditional design, using recycled PET bottles. We can learn a lot from the Inuit on how to tread lightly on the earth, respect the environment and use locally sourced materials in combination with heaps of creativity to build functional designs that never go out of style.

Designs from left to right: Shawna X (@shawnax), Toykyo (@toykyo), Mellon (@mellongwen). The Yuma graphics sunglasses (far right, as worn by Matthew) were designed in house.