Why w.r.yuma?

w.r.yuma was founded with a rebellious spirit and a mission to shape the future of waste with stylish 3D printed sunglasses from recycled plastics. We exist to make remarkable conversation starters that inspire new ways of thinking about waste.  

In creating w.r.yuma we have challenged every design and industry standard to bring you what we believe is a new generation in eyewear fashion. We are not fashion insiders – and to be honest we’d like to keep it that way.

w.r.yuma is built on the conviction that sustainable fashion should be equal in quality and not more expensive than conventional fashion. In fact, we believe that tomorrow’s fashion items should offer something better than what we have today. Sustainability has to go mainstream, in the interest of the future of our planet.

It's not waste until it's wasted. We believe that circular economy is the future, and we would like to bring circular economy thinking industry to w.r.yuma. We truly believe that a society without waste is possible (‘waste’ after all is a human concept; life has done without for 3.8 billion years). 

Let's be the change and join our story so together we can start working on a better kind of fashion; help us start the conversation we desperately need to have.

Want to learn more or just say hi, write us.

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