how it works

We believe that quality, style and sustainability are in fact the same thing.

3d printed & assembled by hand

3D printing works by carefully adding very thin (0,04 mm thick) layers in a zero waste process by using only the exact amount of material needed.
3D printing does not mean that the process is fully automated though; after the frames are printed we carefully polish and assemble our frames by hand, one at a time.
We then cut our premium CR39 mazzucchelli lenses and fit hinges with Teflon coated screws to make sturdy glasses with 100% UV protection.








Upcycling is our game

The black plastic comes from recycled car dashboards in the Netherlands. Our transparent plastic is for 90% made from the soda bottle you held last summer in Europe. Even the ink on the inside of the temples is made from recycled fridges. 
Our products are designed for disassembly so they can be easily taken apart for recycling. That means that we don’t use any glues, coatings or toxic dyes. 
We are working very hard to use different sustainable and cool materials like algae, recycled fishing nets, coffee or beer. 



The future is circular

With your help, we can close the loop. In the future you will be able to bring back your old w.r.yuma sunglasses so we can recycle, design and make a new pair for you. You will get to wear the latest style and receive exclusive discounts (the longer you hold on to your current pair, the higher the discount). We need a bit more time to get the logistics sorted out, so please stay tuned for when we launch this service. 



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